ODA to develop STEP SDK

The Open Design Alliance (ODA) has started work on a new Software Development Kit (SDK) to bring STEP compatibility to its members, who comprise most engineering software companies.

STEP is an data exchange format defined by ISO 10303, for representing and communicating digital product information. It is widely supported by mechanical CAD applications and products in other genres requiring access to mechanical CAD data.

“In a recent survey, more than 50% of ODA members expressed interest in STEP,” said Neil Peterson, ODA President. “To meet the demand in this area, we’ve initiated development of our new STEP SDK, a complete interoperability solution for STEP. The SDK will support STEP access, creation and conversion, and will be fully integrated with ODA visualization technology for fast viewing of STEP models on desktop, mobile and cloud.

“As STEP is an open format, we’ll be offering STEP SDK as a part of our standard ODA membership package—any company that’s already an ODA member will be able to use this technology at no additional cost.”

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA Development Director, said, “Under the hood, STEP SDK will be supported by ODA’s own 3D solid modeler, which is being developed to meet our 3D modeling requirements for Autodesk Revit, IFC and DWG data.”

Availability and Pricing
STEP SDK will be part of the standard ODA membership package, available to all ODA members at no additional cost. ODA says a STEP SDK beta will be available to members by the end of 2021.

About Open Design Alliance
ODA develops complete interoperability solutions for CAD and BIM. Our SDKs provide data access, creation, visualization, web collaboration and publishing for a wide range of engineering file formats. ODA is supported by more than 1,200 member companies, including software developers, manufacturers, government entities, AEC firms, major retailers and other organizations spread across every engineering discipline.

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