Graphisoft offers free access to BIMcloud as a Service

Graphisoft is making its BIMcloud as a Service cloud-based utility free for 60 days to ArchiCAD users who need to continue their work but are restricted from the office. 

BIMcloud as a Service is a cloud solution offering the benefits of the company’s ArchiCAD Teamwork collaboration software. Graphisoft says this allows design teams to work together in real time regardless of the size of the project, the location of the team members, or the speed of the Internet connection.  

The software has been previously available only in a limited number of markets, says Huw Roberts, Graphisoft CEO. “We are glad to have been able to quickly expand availability through a network of regional data centers around the world — to assure high performance while meeting the needs of our users everywhere.”

ArchiCAD users are invited to activate BIMcloud as a Service by visiting

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