CorelCAD 2020 extends CAD access to occasional users

3D modeling advancements improve working with advanced 3D shapes that rotate along a specified sweep path.

Corel has built a comfortable business catering to the information needs of knowledge workers. The company is best known for CorelDraw, a leading graphics arts tool. For several years it has also sold CorelCAD, aimed at those who need access to CAD drawings but are not full time designers.

The CorelCAD 2020 release is now available, adding several new features to an already capable product. Key updates are found in the 2D drafting tools, improvements to Custom Blocks technology, and more 3D capability. 

CorelCAD 2020 includes new tools for working with complex files containing hundreds of layers. Layer group filters make it easy to access specific areas of a drawing and group referenced layers together.

The new Layer Groups filtering technology enables users to group referenced layers together, to gain quick access to specific aspects of a drawing. There is a new Save option for Custom Blocks, and a new Text mode to evaluate block behavior. This allows the user to ensure specifications are met without having to exit the Block Editor. 

For 2D drafting work, a new Lasso Selection tool improved object selection. The Copy tool now has a Pattern option, to speed the process of duplicating objects along a path or to create a specific number of copies in a linear pattern.  

In 3D, the Sweep tool is enhanced with a new Bank option for designing 3D shapes that rotate along a specified sweep path. New Offset Edges and Convert Edges commands allow users to create 2D wireframe objects from the edges of 3D solids or surfaces. 

When exporting to PDF, it is now possible to create layers in the PDF document that reflect the layer structure found in the CAD drawing or model. A new Batch Print feature is also available, to create a single PDF from multiple DWG files. 

Corel works closely with Graebert GmbH, a longtime business partner who supplies the essential CAD technology used in CorelCAD.

CorelCAD 2020 is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Brazilian Porteugese, Italian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Pricing is US$699 / €829.99 / £799.99 for the full version and US$199 / €239.99 / £232.99 for the upgrade. Education and volume licenses are also available, direct from Corel. 

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