ODA launches interoperability SIG

Extending support for design interoperability beyond DWG

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announces the launch of a new Strategic Interoperability Group (SIG). ODA says the program is “designed to facilitate collaboration on small and mid-sized development projects within the CAD and BIM industries.”

ODA has always been about interoperability for design technology, primarily by supporting and extending the capabilities of the DWG CAD format popularized by Autodesk. Now the ODA wants to extend into “interoperability solutions that impact broad industry segments,” says Neil Peterson, ODA president. The non-profit consortium, which claims hundreds of software vendors, end-user companies, and academics, now plans to extend their interoperability further with new, member-led initiatives that promote interoperability. 

The creation of a SIG to drive innovation is not a new model for ODA. The work of a BIM SIG within ODA led to the introduction of a Software Development Kit (SDK) for working with Autodesk Revit files. More than 60 companies now use ODA Revit support in their software. 

“With the launch of the new Strategic Interoperability Group, we’re building on our past success to take on new, industry-critical projects,” says Peterson. “These can include support for key file formats, digital twin technologies, scan-to-BIM, and other interoperability challenges that are important to the long-term health of the industry.”

More details about the new ODA Strategic Interoperability Group, including project requirements and contact information, can be found at opendesign.com/sig.

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