Noted engineering author/teacher releases free tutorial on Scrum for hardware design

The author of the popular engineering textbook The Mechanical Design Process is offering a portion of his online class Scrum for Hardware and Systems Design free for a limited time.  

“Modularity is the key to agile/Scrum,” says David Ullman in the free tutorial. “Modular design comes naturally for software but must be designed into hardware systems through stable fixed interfaces.” 

David Ullman

Ullman is Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Design at Oregon State University and an ASME Life Fellow. In addition to teaching, he has been an active consultant in engineering for product design with a large clientele that includes some of the world’s largest manufacturers. 

Regarding the free course, Ullman says, “the recent economic climate makes these concepts more relevant than ever. I want to ensure that I made this content available to other engineering professionals in the industry.” Three modules from his larger class are available without charge. The entire online course is $499. 

The free class is available at

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