ODA releases developer tools to access Naviswork data

Software developers can now add the ability to import Autodesk Navisworks files into their software, thanks to a new software development kit (SDK) from the Open Design Alliance (ODA). 

Navisworks is used in construction as an extension of CAD, allowing project managers and others on a project to view, combine, review, and annotate 3D construction models. Until the release of the new SDK, Navisworks was only usable within Autodesk products.  

ODA calls the new technology BimNv SDK. When used by software developers, BimNv SDK can provide data access and visualization for Navisworks files from any application on any platform. Software developers can license BinNv SDK directly from the ODA.

“BimNv development was initiated by a group of ODA members through our Special Interest Group (SIG) program,” says Neil Peterson, ODA President. “With our new licensing options, we expect to see expanded usage of this technology, particularly among our members in Australia, where Navisworks support is mandated by certain government agencies.”

ODA has also integrated the new Navisworks SDK into its Open Cloud technology, allowing software developers to create web-based access to Naviswork data. The initial release of BimNv SDK is Read-only. The ODA says Write support will be available 4Q20. More information and a free 60-day trial is available at www.opendesign.com.

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