Graebert to make ARES Kudo cloud CAD free during COVID-19 restrictions

Graebert is the second leading source of drafting technology in the world after Autodesk. It creates its own line of drafting tools, delivered as an innovative "Trinity" of desktop, mobile, and cloud (browser-based) products. (Image source: Graebert Gmbh)

CAD developer Graebert GmbH is offering free use of its ARES Kudo cloud-based CAD solution for working with DWG drawing files. The offer — available at — extends through the end of May 2020. 

A statement from the company says free access to drawings online will help many who are required to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but need to continue working. “Staying at home is the civic behavior that we must all adapt to stop the expansion of the virus and save lives,” the company said in announcing the offer. “The resilience of the global economy will also rely on our ability to sustain jobs and maintain a continuity of business.”

Creating a Graebert account will trigger a free 30-day trial Kudo trial. It will also allow free use of the desktop version (ARES Commander) and of the mobile version (ARES Touch). After the 30-day trial expires, the access to ARES Kudo will be maintained free of charge until the end of May.

Similarly, users that have already previously expired a free trial can connect again with their Graebert account and have free access to all the features of ARES Kudo until the end of May.

“Cloud is the easiest solution to organize collaboration and grant each employee remote access to a solution to create and modify technical drawings in DWG format,” explains Wilfried Graebert, CEO of Graebert. “Our solution ARES Kudo is currently the only mature cloud-based solution serving that purpose.”

“There will be obviously a cost for Graebert to run and scale up the infrastructure accordingly but we are prepared for it,” Wifried Graebert adds. “We feel it is our duty to encourage people to stay at home and help the CAD community to maintain their activity.”

The company says detailed information about this offer will be regularly updated at

An independently written white paper published in November 2019 says ARES Kudo is a superior Cloud CAD product for use with DWG files:

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