Global GPU market soars in 4Q19

The market for Graphics Processing Units as add-in boards continued to soar in the fourth quarter of 2019. AMD gained market share on its only rival in this market, Nvidia. The data comes from Jon Peddie Research, which tracks market data related to computer graphics.

More than $3.9 billion was spent on GPU add-in boards (AIBs) in the quarter. The spending was up 33.4% year-over-year. 

JPR also reports the market share for desktop discrete GPU suppliers shifted in the quarter, as AMD increased market share from the previous quarter and year-over-year. 

Change is coming, says Jon Peddie, president of JRP. “2020 is going to be a game changer with Intel’s entry into the discrete GPU market and a possible fourth entry by an IP company.” Peddie believes Intel’s entry into the GPU add-in board market in 2020 will shift market share but not have an immediate impact on overall sales. “We believe Intel’s brand is so powerful that new add-in board customers will come into the market,” Peddie says.

Add-in boards using discrete GPUs are found in desktop PC, workstations, servers, rendering and mining farms, and other devices including scientific instruments. They are sold directly to customers as aftermarket products, or are factory installed by OEMs. AIBs represent the higher end of the graphics industry with their discrete graphics processing chips and dedicated — and often large — high-speed memory. GPUs are now essential in markets not considered graphics intensive, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, as software vendors learn how to write software for the massive parallel processing power today’s GPUs provide.

The AIB market hit $16.1 billion in sales in 2019. JPR forecasts total sales of $16.3 billion in 2023. Since 1981, 1.3 billion AIBs have shipped. Market changes in recent quarters are shown in the bar chart below, courtesy of JPR. 

GPU Add-in board attach rates.

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