Report: Ericsson cancels massive Dassault Systemès PLM installation

Veteran engineering software journalist Verdi Ogewell has learned Swedish high tech giant Ericsson has brought a halt to a massive PLM installation of Dassault Systemès software. The decision stops a years-long effort to replace a mainframe-based IBM system with Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE “business experience” platform.

Writing for, Ogewell reports:

According to the first statements back in 2016, the new system was planned to be up and running after 14 months. This has since been postponed and today, more than three years later, resulted in a total stop for the entire project.”

Ogewell cites executive-level sources as confirming the news. These sources say the biggest of several problems involved porting legacy data:

“In general, it can be stated that the toughest problems associated with such a system swap are about migrating legacy data; information that already is in existing systems. This is a delicate and difficult task that partly concerns the quality of existing data and partly requires extensive translation and consulting efforts in connection with the migration of the legacy data. According to my sources, this data may have become corrupt and distorted in part.”

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