Coin Analyst wants to be crypto’s Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg became a billionaire selling access to information. The Bloomberg Box has become the Colt 44 of Wall Street traders, the must-have weapon of success. Today’s crypto marketplace has much in common with the Colt 44’s Wild West; “to the moon” traders are today’s cowboys. One young company at the recent C3 Cryptocurrency Conference in Berlin hopes to become the information arms dealer of choice, providing information to a mass market the way Colt provided security and Bloomberg provides information to Wall Street elites.

Coin Analyst is a Frankfurt-based start-up created as a spinoff from an existing data analytics firm. Cogia Intelligence uses artificial intelligence, semantic indexing, pattern recognition, sentiment analysis, and other data research tools to provide actionable information from social media. Cogia clients include such industrial leaders as Volkswagen, BMW, and Continental.

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