New ARES Mechanical provides access to legacy data from AutoCAD Mechanical

Mechanical design and drafting professionals have made DWG-based software an industry standard for a generation. In the decades since the DWG data storage format was introduced, however, the software market has evolved, giving professionals more DWG-based options to choose from.  It is now possible for software products other than AutoCAD to read and write DWG with full fidelity. But that seamless interoperability has not extended to AutoCAD Mechanical elements — until now.

Today, ARES Mechanical from Graebert delivers interoperability and discipline-specific tools as well as full DWG compatibility. It is an intuitive, fully customizable, CAD solution, affordable for drafting teams of all sizes. In addition to offering comprehensive collection of tools for creating new engineering drawings, ARES Mechanical can now read and modify designs that were originally created with Autodesk’s AutoCAD Mechanical. This breakthrough accomplishment allows the millions of legacy drawings created with AutoCAD Mechanical to be fully accessed for continued use.  

To dive deeper into this topic, I invite you to join me, Randall Newton, Tech Analyst and founder of, at the free online event organized by Graebert. I will be the guest speaker for a 30-minute technical keynote on DWG for Mechanical, which will also include demonstrations of the new features in action.

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